Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rebel's who go against authority good? I think not!

Wow this was quite a week!  We narrowly avoided default again.  For the past few years this has become an on and off again occurrence.  Whenever a deal is reached, it is always at the eleventh hour.  It's just pathetic.  I like most Americans is disgusted with our government.  OTOH I'm not going jump on the anti-government bandwagon.  I'm not a rebel who want to tear authority down because that would create more problems.  I believe that some authority is need or else we would descent into chaos.  We maybe annoyed by certain rules and laws but they don't come out of the sky.  There are reasons why they exist. 

I just seems that rebels who go against authority are popular with the American public.  I on the other hand, tend to see through the stereotype.  I know that many of these so-called rebels are not exactly the nicest of folk and yet we root for them.  They don't only go against members of authority, they occasionally go after innocent people as well.  Tearing down authority is not the solution to our problems, in fact it would create even more problems.  I read that a few people on the Internet wish that we would go back to simpler times like the 1970's.  What was so great about the 1970's???  Sure you had good sitcoms and cars in that decade, but music was a mixed bag, animation was in the crapper, crime was skyrocketing, we were dealing with the aftereffects of the Vietnam War, had rampant inflation, and the clothing styles, UGH!   Sure it seemed like we had more freedom back then but the 70's overall, was not a good decade.  People maybe nostalgic for the past (I can get so as well) but I also do believe the past also had a lot of problems as well.

Now you may think of me of going against what most Americans believe but I'm also rational about certain things.  I try not to jump to conclusions but I also like a little insight to what goes on.  I'm not against freedom in general, but I do believe that people tend to abuse it or use it to justify immoral actions.  I have standards, like everyone else.  I also think that society could use a few rules because having no rules is not really a good thing.

Well, I'm done ranting.  I'll post again soon.  See ya!