Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29th 2014

Hey!  I'm back!  Sorry I haven't been posting lately but I haven't' been feeling well lately.  I hasn't been the best of times for me, but I did have a good Christmas on the other hand.  I may try to do something over the winter but not much because I hate the cold weather.   I'm going to continue to post train videos but only once every three weeks for the time being. 

 Now on to good news.  There is news that there is plans for the extension of the Second Ave Subway to Harlem which is welcome news to say the least.  Structural work on the 86th St station is complete and the first segment of the Second Ave Subway will open in 2 years time, which I can't wait for.  The past couple of months we've seen the openings of the Fulton St Center and One World Trade Center.  These combined with the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum indicates that Lower Manhattan is well on the road to recovery.  Now lately, there has been some criticism and complaints about the costs of the WTC Transportation Hub, I can see the complaints about the cost but there are valid reasons for this cost one of them the fact that this construction has to be done under traffic which is always done in NYC, closing certain roads and rail lines is not an option.  Another reason is that they're rebuilding the Mall at the WTC which is also going to be part of the transportation complex.  People may complain about the costs now, but after the complex is complete, it won't really matter anymore; it is already said and done.

Well, that's it for today.  I going to post something during the week.  See ya then!