Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photos from Jamaica

I really meant to go to out east today but I just missed the train.  I had to make a change in plans.  I had a train ticket to Jamaica so I ended up going there.  While I was there, I took some photos.
View from the western overpass

C3 5017 cabcar layed up at Jamaica

A diesel train hauled by a DE30 arrives at Jamaica

A C3 layed up with Airtrain terminal behind it

View down 144th St towards Jamaica Ave

Jamaica Station building

A small regional jet taking off from LaGuardia

Looking northwest toward Jamaica Hospital in the distance
The weather was great.  I had to wait a half-hour for the train back home because I missed the one that was at the station.  It was a nice ride on the train, there was a fair at Merrick station and a flea market taking place at Bellmore station.  Already half of Massapequa station has been demolished for renovation.  It was nice taking a train ride again.

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