Sunday, April 27, 2014

People who move down South.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time.  I’ve been doing other things.  But here’s my first blog post in year.

            I’ve noticed in recent decades that people in the Midwest and Northeast have moved down South to places like the Carolinas, Texas, and especially Florida.  Personally I never fully understood way these places are better than the places up North.  Sure the taxes are lower and the weather is mild in the winter but is it really worth the move down there?  I myself have no intention of moving down south.  I probably might go down there in the winter but once you get past April, the heat can be oppressive, particularly in Florida.  Also with Florida, sinkholes are an occasional occurrence which might be deadly at times.  That and the fact there are poisonous snakes and fire ants which can injure and even kill people, now I’m hearing about pythons in the Everglades!  I thought the alligators were bad but pythons freak me out!

            About the taxes, yes we have fairly high taxes, but that doesn’t mean that places with them are bad.  In fact, a lot of places with high taxes are quite good.  Many places with lower taxes may seem good to some, but a good amount of places that have low taxes aren’t the best of places.   The services there might be sparse and the quality of life may not be very good.  A lot of these places which have low taxes actually live off tax payer money from other states particularly from Northeast states, so while the states that pay lower taxes may not have to pay much but other states especially those with higher taxes will have to foot the bill because of their cheapness and they have the nerve to complain about having to pay any taxes while they have it much better relatively speaking. 

            Another reason why people move down South is because is because of their political views.  They find the Northeast states either too Liberal or too Socialist.  Those opinions are just ignorant.  Most Americans don’t even know what it is like to live in a Socialist state.  They either think that Socialism equals oppression.  I honestly don’t know much about Socialism but if I want to hear an opinion on Socialism, I would rather have it from a person who actually lived in a Socialist state.

            Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll probably rant another time.  To my faithful blog posters; I wish you well!

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